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RM Trading covers the whole nine yards of trading – Consumers, Businesses, Government – and, we are resourceful enough to robustly revise our trading plans, for various products, on an ongoing basis, due to our technological knowhow (from backtesting to simulation).

We are in the business of trading with all seriousness and we take acceptable risks; money management, conservative use of our trading capital, features strongly in our strategy. We emphasize a lifelong learning-orientation. We use a host of tools to inform our holistic thinking: charting platforms, knowledge of a product market’s rules-of-business, economic reports, etc. We refrain from activities deviating from our trading plans based on whims or emotions. Our trading plans had been usually robust unless defeated by spontaneous events beyond our control.


To achieve seamless coordination in terms of matching the needs of our customers with suppliers and to do so in a manner that forges long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders"


To cater to the needs of customers, here in Bangladesh, wherever and whenever, with unflinching dedication to quality and environmental sustainability



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